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My Talk at:

 25th Anniversary Brain Tumour Foundation Walk in Vancouver

Jun 9, 2019


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Media Release

25th Annual Vancouver Brain Tumour Walk
“There must have been a reason why I, a nurse, have this tumour.”

VANCOUVER, BC, May 27, 2019 – On Sunday, June 9, 2019, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada comes to Vancouver for its 25th annual Brain Tumour Walk. Joining this year’s event for the first time is Tracey Purvis, who has had four surgeries so far for her non-malignant brain tumour, and lives with optimism every day.

“Survivors like Tracey and their families are the heart of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and for 25 years, we’ve had the privilege to walk with this incredible group of people affected by an often-devastating disease," says Susan Marshall, CEO.

Tracey had a headache for a full six months. The brain tumour that caused it was only found when it caused hydrocephalus, put her in a coma for two days, and she was just hours from death. Tracey’s brain tumour cannot be removed, but Tracey has had four brain surgeries to lessen the effect on her overall health. Today, Tracey is here to tell her story, and importantly, how she found ways to remain optimistic in the face of grave adversity.
“There must have been a reason why I, a nurse, have this tumour.” explains Tracey. “Whatever the reason, I’m determined to learn from it and empower others with brain tumours to remain optimistic. I’m hopeful that with the funds raised from today’s event, there will be more money for programs and services for survivors like me, and more money for research to find a cure for all brain tumours”.

What: Vancouver Brain Tumour Walk
When: Sunday, June 9, 2019 (10:45am Survivor Photo, 10:50am Ceremony, 11:00am Walk)

Where: Central Park - Swangard Stadium, 3883 Imperial St, Burnaby, BC

About Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada: Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is the only national charity offering information and support to patients affected by any kind of brain tumour – be it cancerous, non-malignant or metastases. The organization funds ground-breaking research across North America and, since 1982, has dedicated over $6.9 million to finding a cure and improving treatment for brain tumour survivors. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is funded solely through generous contributions from individuals, corporations, organizations, employee groups and special events like Brain Tumour Walk. Learn more at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s website:

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To schedule an interview with Tracey Purvis or for further information about the 25th Vancouver Brain Tumour Walk, please contact:

Susan Marshall
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
1.800.265.5106 ext. 222

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada | 1.800.265.5106 |

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