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Are you ready for more?

Are there areas in your life that are not giving you the results you want? Do you feel like you are living on autopilot or have reached a plateau in life and cannot seem to figure out what is holding you back?

Spoiler alert: we hold ourselves back.


I help you go from where you are to where you want to be!

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Hi, I'm Tracey.


I specialize in assisting my clients with awareness and acceptance, and then help them identify and navigate the barriers that are getting in their way. I create a safe, confidential space where my intention is to provide my clients with the most valuable experience through warmth, trust, attentive listening, and curiosity.

Whether you want to focus on health, relationships, finance, purpose, or all these areas, together we will uncover and clarify what it is you REALLY want and create action steps to reach your goals. I will add tools to your toolbox, provide a safe space to explore, as well as accountability to assist you in living your best, most fulfilling life.

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What is Coaching

Most people are familiar with sports coaches – athletes would not excel without them. You may also be familiar with business coaches – without them entrepreneurs and businesspeople would not be as successful.


Results coaches are trained, skilled professionals who assist you with clarity, identify goals and barriers, hold you as able, and provide encouragement and accountability as you become the best version of yourself. It differs vastly from counseling, advice giving, and even mentoring. A Results Coach encourages self-discovery with the emphasis on forward motion to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

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What People Say...

Coaching with Tracey is like an oasis away from daily stress where I step back and engage in productive evaluation and planning with a nonjudgemental, wise, positive guide. Tracey asks excellent questions to help me face underlying issues blocking my goals and reframes them in ways that take away fear and give me courage. Tracey's practical strategies equip me to stay on track with my goals so I can achieve the results I want and keep moving forward.

- Dana Franklin
Publisher of Mountain Neighbours



My intention as a speaker is to encourage, inspire, and provide my audience with new tools to live their best life. My warmth, honesty, authenticity, and ability to laugh at myself in challenging times are my trademark.

I would love to speak at your next event, conference, or workshop.


Roger Killen 
Founder of Get Inspired Talks Inc.

In my capacity as the Producer of Vancouver Get Inspired Talks, I worked closely with Tracey Purvis during the 5 months leading up to the October 20, 2018 event at which she spoke. During that time I observed that Tracey was a passionate advocate for optimistic thinking, was readily coachable, did things effectively and efficiently, was a skilled communicator and inspired others with her ‘can do’ attitude. Tracey was always a delight to work with. Her reasoned thinking, positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm made her a great team-mate. She was much respected by all. Tracey contributed significantly to the success of the Vancouver Get Inspired Talks event.

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Sharookh Daroowala, LL.B; DTM,
Communication Coach, Presentation Skills Trainer
& Keynote Speaker

It is said that life does not empower us to live life better. Stories do.​ At the Vancouver Get Inspired Talks in 2018, there were 9 speakers. And then there was Tracey Purvis. Tracey was all heart as she dug deep, prepared hard and let it all hang out while delivering that timeless universal story: The enormous challenge you faced.  How you overcome it or failed valiantly trying. The outcome. And what important life lesson you learned so that others can live life better. No wonder she received a standing ovation! I have coached 100’s of speakers but nobody matches Tracey’s passion, motivation and dedication towards changing and saving lives with her message of remaining optimistic in the face of adversity.

My book


Lessons From A Brain Tumor

This eBook will inspire you, give you a framework to create a daily gratitude practice, and leave you feeling uplifted and optimistic with the tools to positively impact your physical and mental health.

It’s rated 5-Star on Amazon!

Book Reviews

An easy and inspiring read! Reading Tracey's story brought such love, inspiration and 'realness' to life. Her writing style is honest and attention-grabbing and regardless of what challenges we're facing in our own lives, she keeps her story relatable. With a world seemingly spinning out of control, she reminds us that gratitude IS a choice and she lives it every day. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us Tracey.

- Kristi

What a compelling read! I couldn't put this book down! Remarkable as Tracey's journey is, it is also a stark reminder that your life can change on a dime. But the real gift from the author here is the reminder that gratitude is like the North Star. If you stay focused on it, you will see how its brightness lights up everything around it. THANKS Tracey!

- SD

Straight from the heart! Beautifully written and truly inspiring. A great read for anyone looking for a new way of thinking and a bit of inspiration.

- Keely

Truly grateful for reading this. Thank you Tracey for putting your life lessons into words and helping us see how important the power of gratitude can be to us. I love the gratitude tool ‘Thanks’ and will be remembering to use that  With gratitude.

- Claire Snyman

Inspiring and well written! Loved this book! Very inspiring and well written. Tracey is vulnerable in her writing and this gives the reader a glimpse into how gratitude can truly affect your life. After reading this book I felt like I had new practical tools in my hands to live my life with more gratitude. Highly recommend!

- Farren Hait

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